Another Evening at Life Drawing

I like drawing the male models, they usually have more muscular definition. This peticular model has a very David-like youthful body, that affords us the opportunity to study the idealized form. I worked the pastel in great detail of color this time. I am liking conte crayons very much. I wish the umbers darkest was a bit darker though. I like this pose, but it reminds me a bit of a frog. 18×24″ Pastel on brown paper.

A Little Experiment

The Timid Boy 11x14"

I have enjoyed working with pastel lately, but I prefer displaying work exposed without glass, and panels instead of paper. I searched for another solution. I decided to try oil sticks, on a masonite panel. They are oil paint in stick form, with a lipstick like feel, and wet paint unlike oil pastels, and have the permanence of oils. I liked the immediacy and energy of the oil sticks, the line lends itself better to a larger scale, but I am happy with the results, and plan to do more!

Life Drawing

On Tuesday nights I meet with a group of artists to draw from a live model. Often the highlight of my weekdays. I tried conte crayons for the first time, it’s a hard pastel. I’ve done very little pastel, I am a painter, but I wish I would have thought of trying it sooner for this purpose. I like the immediacy of this medium. 24×18″ on brown paper, finished piece.