Testing a Media

I would like to use pastels to quickly work out designs for paintings. That is only if it’s quicker. Here I am testing oil pastels. You can’t test them without seeing how they behave on different surfaces with how you would work with them. Here I sanded Arches Watercolor Paper, it sands very nice. I put a layer of burnt sienna watercolor to darken the paper. The oil pastel seems to bond well on this paper. I like the feel of it, but soft and more blended.

These are brown Pastel Papers the top Canson and the bottom is Strathmore, left ones are sanded, and right is raw. I prefer the sanded, and the like the tooth of Canson best. I may have try the watercolor again after doing all 4 of these. I like using a pears, they’re not just round, they’re form is subtlely blockish.

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