Oil Pastel Test

I wanted to compare a softer brand of oil pastels. The left is what I used for the last pose of the girl, Neopastels. At the right is Sennelier’s Oil Pastels. The Sennelier’s are only darker, because they’re the only colors I have at the moment. Senneliers blend more readily and look softer and fill more holes in the paper. For the purpose of rendering figures, that is what I want.

On this test I wanted to try soft on top of hard, to rough in with the Neopastels, and finish with the Sennelier’s. A is step 1, B is Step 2.
That worked well. It allows the ability to rough it in and make changes, and once satisfied to put on the finishing layer without creating a muddy mess. I will try the Sennelier’s at life drawing group once a better selection of colors in my tool box.

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