Valley Fields Painting

Another Postcard painting for the exhibit. I sure don’t like working this small, not to mention, I need reading glass to paint it! Acrylic on Canvas Board 4×6″ I need to rephotograph the painting, the light is it hitting it in a way that makes the canvas show up more.

Thunderheads Painting

I’m making some paintings for a post card exhibit. All of the paintings must be 4×6″. I prefer not to paint that small, but I’ll do it for the exhibit. I enjoy the project anyway. I love thunderheads, I like to watch them grow.
I painted this with Golden Open Acrylics on Canvas Board. Just a couple hours.

New Live Female Nude (WIP)

Our Life Drawing Drawing Group didn’t meet for 3 weeks because of conflicts, but we finally did last night. I really missed it. I enjoy the challenge and the company of other artists. This is a rough in of the lightest and darkest areas of the figure. Next sitting I will go and fill in the color without the model. I tried Sennelier Oil Pastels, they’re smoother, and softer. I am interested to see how it comes out in full color. Strathmore Brown Paper, 18×24″

Sudanese Family (Color)

I put the family in the proper village. I love these huts! Ideally it should be populated in the background, but this gives me a chance to try methods. I have yet to find a picture of one with a door, are they hard to see? Anyway, this is hard pastel and pastel pencil on brown Strathmore Brown Pastel Paper. I like the pastel pencils, they are Carbothellos, they are nice for small details like on the people. I think it would be best to have them sitting so they can be bigger in the picture. I still don’t know if the pastel paper is the best way to go, or use watercolor underneath. I have to find a smooth watercolor paper with enough tooth for pastel.

Sudanese Family (WIP)

I searched the web for Sudanese Art. I want to try a more stylized approach. I like the elongated figures, expressive features, and all of the color. I incorporated this into my concept sketch of a family (I will need a larger family but this is a test). Next I will do color rendering with a village behind them.

Sudanese Portrait

I will be working on illustrations for a children’s book about a Sudanese boy who comes to America through many trials. As a first step, I wanted try different methods of working. As a test, I did a portrait with watercolor under hard pastel. I used a 140lb Arches paper on a block, sanded to work better with pastel. I would like to find a smoother paper, it has a rougher look than I would like. I’m also going to test pastel paper without using watercolor.