Valley Fields Painting

Another Postcard painting for the exhibit. I sure don’t like working this small, not to mention, I need reading glass to paint it! Acrylic on Canvas Board 4×6″ I need to rephotograph the painting, the light is it hitting it in a way that makes the canvas show up more.

Thunderheads Painting

I’m making some paintings for a post card exhibit. All of the paintings must be 4×6″. I prefer not to paint that small, but I’ll do it for the exhibit. I enjoy the project anyway. I love thunderheads, I like to watch them grow.
I painted this with Golden Open Acrylics on Canvas Board. Just a couple hours.

New Live Female Nude (WIP)

Our Life Drawing Drawing Group didn’t meet for 3 weeks because of conflicts, but we finally did last night. I really missed it. I enjoy the challenge and the company of other artists. This is a rough in of the lightest and darkest areas of the figure. Next sitting I will go and fill in the color without the model. I tried Sennelier Oil Pastels, they’re smoother, and softer. I am interested to see how it comes out in full color. Strathmore Brown Paper, 18×24″

Sudanese Family (Color)

I put the family in the proper village. I love these huts! Ideally it should be populated in the background, but this gives me a chance to try methods. I have yet to find a picture of one with a door, are they hard to see? Anyway, this is hard pastel and pastel pencil on brown Strathmore Brown Pastel Paper. I like the pastel pencils, they are Carbothellos, they are nice for small details like on the people. I think it would be best to have them sitting so they can be bigger in the picture. I still don’t know if the pastel paper is the best way to go, or use watercolor underneath. I have to find a smooth watercolor paper with enough tooth for pastel.

Sudanese Family (WIP)

I searched the web for Sudanese Art. I want to try a more stylized approach. I like the elongated figures, expressive features, and all of the color. I incorporated this into my concept sketch of a family (I will need a larger family but this is a test). Next I will do color rendering with a village behind them.

Sudanese Portrait

I will be working on illustrations for a children’s book about a Sudanese boy who comes to America through many trials. As a first step, I wanted try different methods of working. As a test, I did a portrait with watercolor under hard pastel. I used a 140lb Arches paper on a block, sanded to work better with pastel. I would like to find a smoother paper, it has a rougher look than I would like. I’m also going to test pastel paper without using watercolor.

Designing a Landscape

I thought oil pastel might be useful for designing a landscape to be painted on a larger scale. For working out composition and color issues. I’m also hoping the painting might pick up some of the rhythm and movement from the marks in the pastel.

Brown paper is a good neutral for landscapes, like the dirt is already present underneath. I drew rough line in umber oil pastel of my landscape.

Next I faintly blocked in the midrange tones for the composition, deliberately not committing to any bold marks at this point. Tomorrow I will put in the bold marks and post the final if all goes well.