Figure from Life

This time at Life Drawing Group we had our model pose as a man shoveling snow. Hard Pastel on Brown Canson Paper 12×19″

Yellow Rose in Pastel (WIP)

Nearly finished, I have a few adjustments to make. Now that I have gotten more adapted to using this surface I like it, and I like the smooth look. Still, I want to try something with more tooth to see if I like it better, although i think smooth is a benefit for a rose. I have found that blending the first layer of Neopastels with a blending stump, and then going over it with the softer Sennelier Oil Pastels gets the best results. Oil Pastel on Sanded Masonite 8×10″

Landscape in Varying Mediums (WIP)

How would a landscape look rendered in three different material combinations, varying mediums and substrate? For now I am interested in clouds because of the limited colors I have available in some media. Plus, I just like clouds. 🙂

First Layer, Sennelier Oil Pastels on Brown Canson Paper 10×13″

First Layer, Neopastels on Brown Canson Paper 10×13″

First layer, NeoColorII (watersoluble crayon) on a white Pastelbord (masonite with sandpaper like ground) 11×14″ This layer is an underpainting for oil pastel.

Maybe I should paint one in Acrylic on Gessobord or Canvas Panel too? and/or a hard and soft pastel version on Pastelbord?