Herding Cattle Illustration

This is the illustration for the cattle herding boy, I haven’t rendered the boy yet because I am wondering if I want to redo it. I was experimenting with how to do the water and I’m not sure if want to try it another way. I’m also not liking the ribbed paper. I will start the next illustration on Canson paper and see how that goes before I finish this one. I am my own worst critic. 😉

Male Nude Pose

Tonight at our Life Drawing Group, I thought I’d ask the other artists if they’d mind doing the pose on the page I’m working on for the book. Granted it’s overkill on how much detail I want for the picture book, but I thought the lighting would be helpful. His age, race, and apparel are different. The boy will be wearing a pair of shorts. The South Sudanese typically wear American street clothes at least in the villages I know about.
This is what I got done in the hour and half we have to draw, I’m more often have time to capture more muscular detail than I have in the past, which makes me happy. I need go back and balance some of the shading. 19″ tall pastel pencil on brown pastel paper.
I’m looking forward to working on this pose on the picture book page tomorrow, with shorts. 😉

New Sketch for Picture Book

I’m worked out the detail on one of the pages of the Picture Book about “The Lost Boys of Sudan.” Cattle herding is central to the life of the South Sudanese. Next I will do a pastel of the picture. I would probably normally work out details on more pictures first, but I wanted to present a color rendering at the next meeting.

Hut in Oil Pastel

I’m starting to think that Oil Pastel is my best bet for these illustrations, it’s come along way since the old days. It has a more stable surface than chalk pastel and scans well, even better. I can get detail, not as much as pencil, but tight areas can be reached with a blending stump tip. Next time I will make the hut lighter and more Ochre, and not so perfect, copying one directly might help, instead of generalizing. Oil Pastel on brown pastel paper.