Scanning Ilustrations

Ultimately illustration done by traditional media has to scanned into the digital realm. Some media scans better than others. Generally a flat surface is better than shinny. Watercolor scan and Gouache are excellent. Soft and hard pastels scan well, although in my experience the tooth of the paper is more visible under the scanner, and changes the appearance. Another negative is the delicate surface, it’s easily damaged.
This is why I chose oil pastel, it’s flat and scans well as shown here. The surface is very durable, and can be touched without damage. It can be harder to work with, but with experience it creates wonderful textures. I am very pleased with the scanning.

Walking to Ethiopia (Final)

“Walking to Ethiopia” illustration from “David’s Journey, A Lost By of Sudan.”
29×12″ Oil Pastel; on Pastel Paper

Another illustration with many people in it. I was happy though that I got it all done this week, because I need to get keep this pace to finish before my deadline. I enjoyed making these trees. They’re so gigantic but seem small without a point of reference.