Mr. Blue Sky


I’m looking forward to seeing more blue skies. These palette knife paintings have been from memory, as we don’t have any green in our landscape yet this year. Spontaneous is more fun anyway! 6″x6″ acrylic on canvas, painted around the 1″edges. It’s a bit like frosting a cake!

“Painting the Roses Red”

"Painting the Roses Red"

When I had a rose garden I was intrigued by how they opened. I haven’t been able to keep them alive through the winter in the colder climate we live in now, at least not the Hybrid Tea Roses I like the best.
I want to try this again, and apply the colors more separately. The palette knife is new to me, but I’m learning and having fun!
6″x6″ Acrylic on Canvas, painted around the 1″ edge.