A Kind of Palette Knife


I played with a new tool today! It falls between a palette knife and a brush. They are most similar to painting with a spatchella. They are called Mini Blades. They have a little bit of a lighter touch than a palette knife.

I’m satisfied with the outcome, but look forward to practicing with them more and doing a bigger painting. A nice heavy bodied paint is best.


They’re used like a palette knife, but have more give. Apply or move paint from the top, side, and back of the blade. The edge is not actually like a blade it’s very blunt and flexible.


The full name of the product is Princeton Catalyst Mini Blades. Dick Blick sells them.
If you are interested in palette knife painting, I highly reccomend them.

Light Through Trees


Oil on Stretched Canvas 16″x20″

This is another painting I did with light through the trees. They are more translucent, and sparse. It’s challenging, I had to do it a couple times before I was satisfied. It’s all about the negitive space, the holes, trying not to create patterns, and making it random. I think it would be beneficial to do more of these in the near future.

Remembering My Father


Today is my Dad’s Birthday, he would be 78. He passed away 3 years ago. This is a picture I drew of him as a child, when I was in High School. My Dad liked to draw horses from memory.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed watching him work with wood. I played in his saw dust, with the smell of cedar in the air. On the right is a picture of the grandfather clock he made. All of it’s parts are wooden, right down to the walnut screws. There isn’t any metal. The weight is a rock, because wood wasn’t heavy enough. It’s stands about 8ft tall, running with a wooden tick tock.

He inspired me to be what I am today! Happy Birthday Dad!

“School Under the Trees” WIP3


Blocked out where there was too many leaves. Put in some of the background elements. Reworked the sketch in of the people. Might have to do more with all of that. Then I will work on the ground, and the picture has gallery edges.


Close up of detail

“School Under the Trees” WIP1


An underpainting for “School Under the Trees.” I illustrated a book about the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” used to raise enough funds to a build school in South Sudan. Construction will begin soon. 🙂

This is a painting I’m creating for their annual auction. Underpainting made with fluid acrylics, 12″x16″x1.5″ stretched canvas.

“The dog ate my painting!”


My dog ate my watercolor painting! (See innocent dog below) I have very few watercolor paintings, because it’s not the medium I’m accustomed to using. At least I have a good scan of it. “Baby Portabellas” (size unknown) I kept the remnants, maybe I will think of something to do with them.


“Good Ol’ Ace”