“The dog ate my painting!”


My dog ate my watercolor painting! (See innocent dog below) I have very few watercolor paintings, because it’s not the medium I’m accustomed to using. At least I have a good scan of it. “Baby Portabellas” (size unknown) I kept the remnants, maybe I will think of something to do with them.


“Good Ol’ Ace”

12 responses to ““The dog ate my painting!”

  1. Too bad about the loss! I really like it!
    You should do more vegetables! Which..really sounds odd;) But i mean it! A couple of the most beautiful paintings iv’e ever seen were with asperges and strawberries, by Adriaen Coorte. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adriaen_Coorte
    They are very small paintings i think only 20cm wide, but very detailed.
    Btw thanks for your kind likes and interest in my works:) I will place a link to your blog on mine as a small thanks.
    Cheers, and have a good day,

    • Thanks, he zeros in watercolor paper if he gets in my studio. It must be very tasty! I will be doing some small still life now and then which will include fruits and vegetables. I planned on reexaming my side bar. I will put up a widget for links and add you to it, as well.

      • haha strange dog you have:) I’m thinking I should do more still-lives myself. I didn’t buy a cactus for nothing:) Right now im working on an image of dead coral reef which is strangely beautiful in my opinion. Thanks a lot for the page link back, i really appreciate it. And search engines do too:) Have a nice day Tracy!

    • Thank you, it’s a nice thought, but it’s probably the smell! 🙂 He’s not real selective he’s also eaten my Titanium White Oil Paint, regurgitated it, and ate it again. He’s not allowed in my studio, but that makes it a place he wants to be! Excuse the grossness! 😀

  2. Ha ha – such a cute dog – and such a cool watercolour.
    I had a coaching client who told me that his dog (Gauss) had eaten the work he had prepared for our session – I thought only teachers heard that.

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