Art Museum Hopping


We went Museum hopping in Minneapolis this weekend, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Weismann Art Museum and Bell Museum at U of M.


“Frank” Chuck Close

Best of all was the MIA, I enjoyed seeing the German Expressionists, the Cubists, Surrealists, and the French impressionists, but what left the biggest impression on me was this painting by Chuck Close. He is so imposing and 3d dimensional in person. I appreciate the difficulty, having painted heads that size on billboards in Detroit when I was a young adult. For billboards though we never painted them with that degree of realism because the images were seen from hundreds of feet away. Drips were not even visible. In this painting each hair and skin folical was articulated. I would love to see one of Chuck Close’s later works with the broken color, and be able to view it from different distances.


A Self portrait by Chuck Close

I’m recharged and ready to get home and make my humble art. It’s all about the process and the journey. I do it for myself, and it brings me joy!

6 responses to “Art Museum Hopping

    • Good point, we are all human, and not God or gods. I’m am inspired by so many artists whether they’re established or not. Looking at art on the Internet really fuels my fire, and I love to meet and work around artists in my community.

    • I can hardly get enough of looking at the Art of others. Even standing right next to “Frank” it is hard to tell that it’s painting. I’m usually attracted to painterly works, but it was so impressive. Another favorite there for me was Monet’s pheasant painting.

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