Painting Makeover 01


I was looking through my shelf of rejected canvas boards, and saw one I thought I could rework over the top of the existing painting. I believe it was done in Watersoluble Oils. I used those oils just to be on safe side. I don’t really have medium to mix with it that I like to make it tackier. The strokes blend together much too easily. It was a struggle.

Above is the After, Below is the Before. 6″x 8″.



Shouldn’t be too surprising that I have a shelf of rejects! Do you have a painting that could use a makeover? I would enjoy seeing and hearing about yours!

16 responses to “Painting Makeover 01

  1. I have a shelf of rejects too I would have more but periodically I take a look to see if time has made it better if not I throw out, I know probably not the best practice…

    • I think you’re being practical. If I’m not satisfied with a piece, I might not want others to see it. Therefore maybe I ought to destroy it. My stretched canvases are taking a lot more space. I should go through those. The ones that I like that aren’t sold are hanging all over my house.

  2. Oh I have yet to re stretch anything, just a bunch of wooden skeletons laying around. I don’t have the strength in my right hand to do a good job stretching. Maybe I could put this on my honey do list! Lol

    • Sounds like a good plan. Just tell your honey it will save money, doesn’t take long, and if you have some Fredrix Plyars it’s pretty easy. Actually maybe those wouldn’t bother your hand. It’s hard to say.

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of makeovers lately. I have a ton of old watercolour paintings that are unfinished or unwanted on good Arches watercolour paper… too good not to go to waste. I’ve been using acrylics and mixed media to give them a new life. I’m enjoying your posts! – deb

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