Donated Paintings


Our local Art Center hosts an exhibit to raise funds by asking local artists to create up to 4 of 6×6″ works of art of any media. Patrons buy as many chances for a drawing as they like. At the time of the sale, they draw tickets, and each person comes up as their ticket is drawn, and has 30 seconds to pick a painting. The paintings are only signed on the back, so you have to pick by taste, instead of by name.

Here are two paintings I picked out at the last sale, painted by my friends. I can recognize their work, but I picked them because I liked the pictures.


Painting on left by John Rycharik, and on right by Steve Randall. Thanks guys, I’m proud to own art by your hand!

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    • That’s the main reason I explained it , and it’s fun too! Here is another one for a dinner fundraiser I went to recently. Beyond selling the seats for the dinner, and a silent art auction, they had a live cake and pie auction, donated by the local Bakers, and restaurants. They had 30 tables with 10 at each. Each table pools their money, and the highest bidder has 20 seconds to pick one of the 30 desserts, then the next highest biddig table picks and so on. The highest bidder was $750. There were many for in the $400’s. The lowest was about $130. Everyone ate there cake at the dinner with some doggy bags available. Just thought I would pass it along.

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