Ipad Painting


Since I have a cold, and didn’t feel like standing up to an easel, I decided it was time to give IPad painting a try from my comfy couch. I have tried out other paint programs, but was never completely content. I was inspired by the work of Janette Leeds of http://artandwordsjanetteleeds.com to try “Art Set Pro” on the iPad.

This painting is the same subject as one I did with real paint, except this time I did it from memory. It was the first thing that popped in my head. Clouds are one of my test subjects for new media. I use to make apples.

I found it was much like the real painting experience. I can paint somewhat like I do with real paint. I even picked some of the colors off a photograph of one of my paintings to get just the colors I use.

In many cases it’s nice to have the original painting, but I can see a real advantage for illustration, like a picture book. It comes out much better than a scan of a painting. Keeping consistency in colors through many pages would be easier. A print quality at 8×10″ 300 dpi can be achieved. I think I could go a little bigger.

There is also the advantage of spontaneous play and doodling, and knowing that you aren’t wasting materials. I could use it like an oil sketch for planning big paintings too. It’s just good fun!

Thanks Janette!

6 responses to “Ipad Painting

  1. Thank you so much, Tracy, for the link and kind words about me on your blog and I’m thrilled you are trying out the “Art Set Pro” app! As I can see by your lovely painting you’ve got the hang of this art app very quickly. Pretty easy to use isn’t it….I’ve tried a lot of art apps, many are quite good, but “Art Set Pro” is outstanding. I reckon it offers the most naturalistic experience for drawing and painting on an iPad. You can, actually print from it, up to A3 size and even bigger if you repixelate your image in a great app called “Big Photo”. There’s more about all that, on a page you can find in the menu, at the top of my blog. I intend to put some more links in my posts soon, to some of these wonderful blogs, I’m discovering in WordPress..including yours! Thanks again…All the best, Janette. 🙂

    • Thanks for another good tip, I will take a look at “Big Photo”. That’s just what I need! I will also take closer look at your great blog again! We have something in common beside art! We both love our Ipad! I hope the rumors are true about an IPad Pro coming soon! Keep on making great art!

  2. That is lovely. It’s hard for me to believe a paint program on an iPad can be anything like the look and feel of actual paints. But your outcome is evocative. Nice!

    • I will always love the feel of real paint on canvas, but this is the closest I’ve experienced to paint on the computer, and there are some advantages, like foremost, if the picture is going to be printed. The edit-ability and undo, also to play, experiment, and improvise without wasting materials is liberating! Not least of all, the portability of taking it anywhere.

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