Ipad Life Drawing


I think using the IPad for Life Drawing works well. I was able to get the figure done in the 1.5 hour session, and I did the chair and background at home.

I used the Art Set Pro app on the ipad, because it behaves very close to natural media. I like the color pencil for drawing, and for coloring and shading I like the oil pastel, and paint. I manipulated it with the eraser, rag and water tools. I used a Wacom Bamboo Stylus.

11 responses to “Ipad Life Drawing

    • Yes, I’ve wanted something like the IPad since 95′ and now it’s here, the first I saw drawing on the screen at Siggraph! I especially like to make animation with it!

    • Thanks, it’s quick too, no reloading the brush. Just pick it up and set it back down. Still though real paint can’t be replaced, nor can a real painting, but there are a few advantages. Undo!

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