Ways to Render a Pear 007 – Watercolor on Arches Cold Press

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I tried my pear on Arches Paper. The Cold Press is one the roughest papers, and not easily damaged by excessive water. It holds onto the pigment, and is less likely to lift if that is a desired effect. Arches Papers are generally well liked. I like how solid and saturated the colors look on this paper, but the brushes don’t glide accross it as easily.
What is your favorite paper for watercolor?

7 responses to “Ways to Render a Pear 007 – Watercolor on Arches Cold Press

  1. Beautiful work, Tracy. Is the highlight painted or the paper color? My painting instructor encourages me to use something other than pure white for spectral highlights. Naples Yellow by itself or tinted with that nice soft orange you mixed, maybe??

    • Using oil or acrylic for highlights I would put Yellow or Naples Yellow with White. For these watercolors I have just left the paper for the highlight. If was to put a touch of something in this highlight I think I would tint the whole sheet slightly and let it dry and then paint the picture. What do you think?

      • Hmm. Have no experience with watercolor, so defer to you. Didn’t realize if you painted a tint on the white highlight it wouldn’t work. What you say makes sense – putting a tint as a ground before starting your painting would be one way to have a color as your spectral highlight, but wouldn’t the tinted paper affect other colors you paint over it? Perhaps a worthwhile experiment on a future piece. Regardless, your watercolor pear studies are beautifully executed.

      • The reason I would tint the paper first in watercolor is because if I put water in the highlight area when putting in the shading the paint would spread to highlight and blend to the point that the highlight wouldn’t show. Of course acrylic or oil would be an entirely different process since they are opaque.

  2. This is beautiful!

    I really like the art you post here, so I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Bloggers Award. I hope you don’t mind, and please don’t feel obligated to do anything; I just wanted you to know!

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