6 responses to “Storm on the Horizon – IPad Oil Sketch

  1. I am thinking it should be at least 3 foot by 5 foot. I seriously want to own a large painting of yours. Let’s talk.

    • 3×5′ would be fun! Scale is not an issue for me, since I painted pictures on billboards when I was in my 20’s.
      Thank you for your interest! You can email me at tbezesky@gmail.com. I will be on the road, homeward bound, until Sunday evening. I will be frequently off line, but I will reply when I can.

  2. Well, let me tell you I would be honored to have any of your landscape pieces and I really enjoy the Rolling Up the Prairie scenes. I would like a focu -wall sized piece as I have a huge basement wall. I have no idea on pricing but am a patron of the arts!

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