IPad Plein Air on the Beach


I’ve been on vacation. At this time, we were exploring the Keewenaw Peninsula around Lake Superior in Michigan. It would be a great opportunity for Plein Air painting, but I’m with family and we’re always on the move. I thought to squeeze it in while we were sitting on the beach, but the only option was my IPad. This would be great if not for sunlight’s glare on the screen. I used Art Set Pro on my IPad with a brush stylus. Fortunately I had colors picked for landscape on my palette. I made some revisions after I got inside. I considered it a worthwhile exercise. I’m heading home today.

3 responses to “IPad Plein Air on the Beach

  1. Hi Tracey, I was looking up iPad artists in facebook search, then I looked under a page just called “iPad” and the first pic I saw was this lovely painting! Thought that was great; just dropping by to let you know. 🙂 Nice to have your facebook artist posts coming through my facebook newsfeed….you may notice I use publicise to send posts to my artist page..don’t get time to do a separate post for there…works out pretty well…Thanks for your facebook “likes” …hope you enjoyed your holiday, cheerio. Janette

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