Mural of Heaven (WIP05) Angel Ethnicity?


I approached the Parish staff with this question: How should I paint the Angel’s skin color? Do we want many colors or a color that hard to distinguish race? I tested these options. The answer the staff theorized based on the Bible was: Angels are not humans, and humans do not go to heaven to become Angels. Therefore, angels shouldn’t look like any race, but at the same time they should be full of light.
The first on the left looked like a white person, eventhough they aren’t typical flesh colors. That won’t work.
The second on the left above, has no race but NO WAY, she’s cold and scary!


Back to the drawing board! I tried colors that were gold and copper and tried to make hard to distinguish race, but they do look human. Nope!


I did the one on the left, and they were pleasantly surprised at the effect. There is the presence of light, and we think not of any race. But what about the green, and very pale in values? Hmmm?
On the right, I thought what about Purple to neutralize it, and then Pink to Yellow, I never seen anyone of those colors but still anytime I encorporate warm colors they look like flesh.


This is what I ended up with. The white must be yellowed, the green is grayed somewhat, and a little darker in the shadows.
I enjoyed this experiment! I love playing with color!

10 responses to “Mural of Heaven (WIP05) Angel Ethnicity?

  1. Admire the time you’ve given to figure this out. I have a question, if angels aren’t humans then why do they look like humans?

    • The church believes they appear in a way that is comforting to us, and not scary. We can only speculate and hope, since we haven’t been to heaven ourselves. There is no accuracy in what I making, but I just hope that some will find comfort for lost loved ones in seeing the mural, and inspire them to dream about heaven.

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