The Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP01) Study

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This a study for a commission. It is a panoramic view from the owner’s property. She is a friend from my childhood, and this was once her Grandparent’s land. We wish to preserve it’s memory.
This study is a 10″x16″ stretched canvas. I wish to learn from the practice of the study, and use it as inspiration for the final canvas that will be 30″x48″

2 responses to “The Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP01) Study

  1. How exciting. I admire you practice first. My experience, the second time around it never turns out as nice. Best of luck and looking forward to seeing the commissioned piece once done.

    • There are issues I can work out on this smaller one. I’ve already changed the composition of the sky since I originally drew it. I might have color and composition adjustments. Often after I finish one I might say, I wish I would have made this darker or this horizon a little lower or things like that. Those changes are big on a large canvas and take away from the freshness of the painting. I don’t build layers usually. I apply thick paint from the start. Although I may do a wash of values before hand on the big one.

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