Lilly Pads Abstract

While thinking of Lilly Pads I played with the Sketches App on my new IPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Watercolor on steroids! How delightfully playful to create! Could be a very useful technique!

Results displayed in half resolution if you click on the image.

Lately I have been bogged down with other projects, nearing the completion of the mural, and preparing for a big change. Hopefully by the end of summer I can back to doing more free painting, and blogging.

2 responses to “Lilly Pads Abstract

  1. Oh lovely! Bet that iPad Pro is fun. Gather the Pencil is quite effective – though hope it works just as well without it. When I get an iPad Pro (not in a rush to get one…yet) hoping all the apps work well with my finger, cos I think I’ll be still painting and drawing that way. 🙂

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