“Loving Vincent” Inspired

I loved the new animated film “Loving Vincent,” which was hand painted by 100 artists in the Van Gogh style. The film inspired me to see how good, a digital oil painting effect I could get on my IPad Pro. I used the KDAN animation program, to sketch the animation, and painted the individual frames in a paint program, Art Set Pro. Background is repeated every 4 frames. It was worth the extra effort to use the paint program.

To see a clip about the making of the film

8 responses to ““Loving Vincent” Inspired

  1. I love this animation you’ve made, looks great! Art Set Pro is still one of my favourite art apps. 🙂 Went and had a look in the iPad app store, and saw a couple of animation apps by KDAN – curious to which one you used…may try it out one day – given time! Enjoyed the film clip (have seen only a tiny snippet about the movie somewhere online) …a lot of clever work to make this incredible movie. Thanks for sharing all of this Tracey. 🙂

    • Thanks, combining painting and animation was so much fun for me. I wish it could be done in one program but on the other hand it was that much of a hassle. I like the media in art set Pro there isn’t anything else like it. I used the Animation Desk Version, it has more variation in brushes and than the classic version, it’s the old software. “Doink Animation” is a very good Flash like cartoon animation, it’s line and not pixel paint. I like both of them. I would enjoy seeing what you do animation if you’d do. I love it! Have fun! I have other animations at animprov.com

  2. I love your animation…so creative!!! 🙂 🙂

    I’ve seen the movie myself all the way through, the artwork is absolutely stunning, amazing what they have created visually. Sadly the story is very poor, badly written script, and the actors voices… they have a great variety of fairly strong accents.. non of which are remotely French… I found that really odd… distracting. Considering the story is set in 1890 in France, they could have made some effort to make the viewer feel that it is, but it just doesn’t feel right. I can’t imagine what French people must think of the movie. I feel great sympathy for the artists involved because that is where the real talent is… sadly the only great thing in the movie.

    • Thanks, I enjoyed painting an animation. You have an interesting take on the movie, I have to admit I don’t know accents very well, but the main character’s accent didn’t seem right to me. It took me awhile to get into the story, it was fascinating, but I wanted to see more of Vincent. Especially at first I was disappointed it was about after his death.

      • Yes! It is odd to do a story about Vincent after he had died, not at all what I thought it was about either. The accents are a variety of British accents and a couple of southern Irish accents. I’m from the UK and my dad was Irish, so I can be certain of that! I think they were trying to create the kind of success that Doctor Who had some years ago with Vincent as the main focus of the story… nobody had French accents in that either, but the story was brilliant, they included Vincent all the way to the end and also found reasons for a selection of his paintings to be included… somehow they got away with it. It was only based on part truth of course, but they did it so well, very emotional story too, went down a storm with Doctor Who, art and Vincent fans, and also educated a lot of people who had never heard of Vincent van Gogh. If you’ve not seen it, I’d fully recommend it.

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