Penguin Pencil Test

Now for something completely different! This is a pencil test for “Penguins Can’t Fly” without the ending. Some of the pauses will be longer than they are now. It will be entered in the SoDak Animation Festival. Animation created solely on the Ipad.

Another Night of Life Drawing


I have been creating larger life drawings, I’ve always preferred larger scale. This is 18″x24″ on Tan Strathmore paper with oil pastel. I like to use oil pastel now because it’s not as fragile as soft pastel, and I’m doing them in sketch book form.

New Life Drawing of Female Nude

Our room where we normally do our life drawing at the Art Museum was occupied for the evening. We ended up in a store room, but there was grand piano, what luck! I have to work that in later. I see I drew piano too small so I will have to fix that. I spent my hour and a half concentrating on the figure and getting it done. The hands were fanned out and toes were curled, that was most challenging, but I think that worked. Polychromos Pastel on Brown Pastel Paper 12×19″. I liked the Polychromos Pastels would like to have set of 60. 😉

Thumbnail sketch of Book Cover

This is a rough concept sketch for the front and back cover of “David’s Journey; A Lost Boy of Sudan”. Yes, after much debate between my coleagues it has a title now. 😉 The image depicts 1000 mile walk to Kenya. Next I will draw a actual size drawing or maybe I’ll draw it at a 127% which is the size I will render it.