New 6×6 Exhibit

6×6” Acrylic on Canvas entered at Oxford Community Art Center through October.

3 of them were SOLD at the reception.

Mariemont Plein Air Outing

This weekend I went to my first Cincinnati Paint Out.

The setting was a historic German Town sponsored by the Woman’s Art Club. This group was founded in 1892, originally because the Cincinnati Art Club excluded Woman. Today neither club excludes genders.

I chose to paint at the Mariemont Concourse, which overlooks the Ohio River Valley. I started early in the day, and finished in 3 hours, fortunately before the heat of the afternoon.

It was a great experience!

There were about 60 artists attending, who were friendly and welcoming.

Here I am with my painting that SOLD.

10×20″ Acrylic on Canvas with 1.5″ painted gallery wrap edges.

6×6 Exhibit Fundraiser


Here are the three paintings I won in the 6×6 Exhibit Fundraiser, painted by Karen Kinder (left), Harriett Lievan (middle), Gary Steinley (right). I’m very proud to own them, because they are works of people I know, and admire.

This is a very fun event! Here’s how it works:

Local artists create 6×6″ works of art in any media, a maximum of 4 works. The pieces are signed on the back, to be more anonymous until after they’re chosen. Works are exhibited, and raffle tickets are sold 1 for $5, and 6 for $25 dollars. They are exhibited for 2 weeks, and then today we had a reception and sale. The reception attracted about 70 people, you must be present to win. At 5:00pm they drew a number every 60 seconds. When your number is called you can go up pick your favorite painting that is still hanging. You have 60 seconds until the next person comes up to choose. Once you have chosen one, you pay another $20 dollars for the picture. They drew thirty numbers, and then remaining paintings can be bought $20 first to grab the painting gets it.


The image on the far right is what was left after the sale. I will try to find out how much money was raised, and post here, if anyone wants to know. I highly recommend this as a fundraiser, and it was fun! I am officially a 6×6 collector, and I’m going to hang the ones I got last time with this years together in my studio with some of my own. It’s great to own some of the works of my art buddies!