Yellow Rose (Final)

I made some shading adjustments in the bottom petals. Changed the shape of the petal to the far right to be more pleasing, eventhough that’s not how it looked. Adjusted the color in the background to be warmer, and not distract from the rose. Oil Pastels on 8×10″ hardboard.


Yellow Rose in Pastel (WIP)

Nearly finished, I have a few adjustments to make. Now that I have gotten more adapted to using this surface I like it, and I like the smooth look. Still, I want to try something with more tooth to see if I like it better, although i think smooth is a benefit for a rose. I have found that blending the first layer of Neopastels with a blending stump, and then going over it with the softer Sennelier Oil Pastels gets the best results. Oil Pastel on Sanded Masonite 8×10″