Lilly Pads Abstract

While thinking of Lilly Pads I played with the Sketches App on my new IPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Watercolor on steroids! How delightfully playful to create! Could be a very useful technique!

Results displayed in half resolution if you click on the image.

Lately I have been bogged down with other projects, nearing the completion of the mural, and preparing for a big change. Hopefully by the end of summer I can back to doing more free painting, and blogging.

Frost Fest Plein Air (Part 2)

Acrylic on canvas board 8″x10″
This weekend we had a Frost Festival in our town which included a Plein Air event. It was a bit gloomy but we still had snow on the ground.
My daughter and I painted with artists in our area, inside the club house at the Dakota Nature Park, where we had a nice view of frozen ponds and bridges to paint our pictures. It was a fun day for all of us! We got our paintings done before lunch and met everyone for BBQ.
This is by Liz Bezesky, watercolor on yupo paper.

Frost Fest Plein Air (Part 1)


I went to our Nature Park to do a little plein air watercolor painting. I wanted to steak out the locations for our Frost Fest Plein Air Outing this weekend. I will probably do an acrylic painting on Saturday. It will be nice this weekend too, but hopefully the snow won’t be all melted.

5″x8″ moleskin watercolor sketchbook.

Ways to Render a Pear 007 – Watercolor on Arches Cold Press

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I tried my pear on Arches Paper. The Cold Press is one the roughest papers, and not easily damaged by excessive water. It holds onto the pigment, and is less likely to lift if that is a desired effect. Arches Papers are generally well liked. I like how solid and saturated the colors look on this paper, but the brushes don’t glide accross it as easily.
What is your favorite paper for watercolor?

Ways to Render a Pear 006 – Watercolor on Strathmore Paper

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Watercolor is not my medium, but I want to know it better. Especially to have it available for sketching and Plein Air.
Watercolor with brushes on Strathmore Paper Cold Press
I will be trying more papers.

Palette 004 – Watercolor Travel Kit


For my summer travels and Plein Aire, I thought it would be handy to make a my own compact watercolor palette. This was a good tin for me to use because I love dark chocolate!

I flattened out the sculpey in the tin (the lid has a very thin layer), found an object to poke the holes, baked it according to instructions, sprayed a glossy clear coat on the sculpey, and squeezed my favorite colors into the holes.

Inspired by the kit made at

“Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get!” Forest Gump is one of my favorite movies, it couldn’t be helped!

“The dog ate my painting!”


My dog ate my watercolor painting! (See innocent dog below) I have very few watercolor paintings, because it’s not the medium I’m accustomed to using. At least I have a good scan of it. “Baby Portabellas” (size unknown) I kept the remnants, maybe I will think of something to do with them.


“Good Ol’ Ace”