Still Life 2

“Hot Peppers” 6×8″ Oil on Canvas Panel

“Good Morning Sunshine” 8×10″ Oil on Canvas Panel

“Michigan Cherries” 6×8″ Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Pear, Apple, and Grapes 8×10″ Oil on Canvas Panel

“Another Way to Slice It.” 8×10″ Acrylic on Canvas Panel

8 responses to “Still Life 2

  1. Hi Tracy, I’m also doing still-life at the moment. It seems everyone I know has a beautiful vase or bottle or teapot to lend me to paint which I am happy about but I will have to give them back. Just went to an exhibition of still-life where the artist displayed her source materials – good idea.

  2. Not that the rest of your work isn’t fantastic, its just that, in my opinion, you do an incredibly stellar job when it comes to still lives. This are amazing!

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