Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP02)


I’ve made progress on the big canvas. 30″x48″ The middle and foreground trees are next.


On the creek there are adjustments to make it more like actual place, but overall I think it’s working.

The Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP05) Study Final

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I’ve finished my study, although I may do a few little tweeks here and there. I have learned many lessons and how to approach the larger painting to come next. It’s bound to be different in some respects, but I look for the next to be beyond the first. I will use the biggest brushes I have, occasionally even some 2 to 4″ and lots of paint! I’m looking forward to it! I can paint the undercoat now, because it came Fed Ex today. 🙂
This commissioned painting reminds me of the benefits of doing work for others. It’s pulled me out of my everyday choices for compositions and challenged me with something new, and I think I have gained inspiration from it, thank you!

This Study 10″x16″ Commissioned Painting 30″x48″

The Valley of Enemy Creek ( WIP03)

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Finished the creek on this study for a bigger painting. There are many small trees that will be painted after it’s dry.
This study 10″x16″, Upcoming commissioned painting 30″x48″.

When I get to the big painting I will probably take the week off my other projects and work solely on the big canvas, and get most of it done. I don’t want to break up my time as much as I have with this study. I’m busier than usual. This is why I have less blog entries too.

The Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP02) Study

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I got a little more done today. This rugged terrain, spotted with cedar trees is very interesting to paint. The distant land in background is behind the veil of humidity for depth. I hope I will have time to work on it again tomorrow.
10″x16″ stretched canvas

The Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP01) Study

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This a study for a commission. It is a panoramic view from the owner’s property. She is a friend from my childhood, and this was once her Grandparent’s land. We wish to preserve it’s memory.
This study is a 10″x16″ stretched canvas. I wish to learn from the practice of the study, and use it as inspiration for the final canvas that will be 30″x48″

Mural of Heaven (WIP05) Angel Ethnicity?


I approached the Parish staff with this question: How should I paint the Angel’s skin color? Do we want many colors or a color that hard to distinguish race? I tested these options. The answer the staff theorized based on the Bible was: Angels are not humans, and humans do not go to heaven to become Angels. Therefore, angels shouldn’t look like any race, but at the same time they should be full of light.
The first on the left looked like a white person, eventhough they aren’t typical flesh colors. That won’t work.
The second on the left above, has no race but NO WAY, she’s cold and scary!


Back to the drawing board! I tried colors that were gold and copper and tried to make hard to distinguish race, but they do look human. Nope!


I did the one on the left, and they were pleasantly surprised at the effect. There is the presence of light, and we think not of any race. But what about the green, and very pale in values? Hmmm?
On the right, I thought what about Purple to neutralize it, and then Pink to Yellow, I never seen anyone of those colors but still anytime I encorporate warm colors they look like flesh.


This is what I ended up with. The white must be yellowed, the green is grayed somewhat, and a little darker in the shadows.
I enjoyed this experiment! I love playing with color!

Landscape on My Palette

I was cleaning my palette to start fresh, but it had one last landscape to deliver. This was taken after I had soaked it in water and poured it out. I did let it dry to see if it could be salvaged but the film was too weak. I did get a nice photo though.
One could create a landscape in this manner without adding water. 😉
Here is the whole palette.