The Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP02) Study

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I got a little more done today. This rugged terrain, spotted with cedar trees is very interesting to paint. The distant land in background is behind the veil of humidity for depth. I hope I will have time to work on it again tomorrow.
10″x16″ stretched canvas

Rolling Up the Carpet #9 (WIP 1)


“Rolling Up the Carpet” is the name I give for paintings of hay bails, although the sky is always of big interest to me in pictures of the plains. From our house we have a wide open view of the Southern sky. I’m especially watchful when thunderheads are developing.
8×10″ stretched canvas with gallery edges.

Sunlight Through Tree WIP1


I thought I would keep working on trees now and then. It’s similar to studying the figure, except they vary more, and have a more random element added to them, but they do have limbs. This is the first step of the underpainting.


Now I’ve added the clumps of leaves. The underpainting helps me work out the shapes, and negitive space.

“School Under the Trees” WIP3


Blocked out where there was too many leaves. Put in some of the background elements. Reworked the sketch in of the people. Might have to do more with all of that. Then I will work on the ground, and the picture has gallery edges.


Close up of detail

“School Under the Trees” WIP1


An underpainting for “School Under the Trees.” I illustrated a book about the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” used to raise enough funds to a build school in South Sudan. Construction will begin soon. 🙂

This is a painting I’m creating for their annual auction. Underpainting made with fluid acrylics, 12″x16″x1.5″ stretched canvas.