Treehouse 1.0


Treehouse 1.0
by tbezesky
on Sketchfab

Click on the link above to see real time 3d as WebGL. Works on any browser running HTML5. Let me know how it runs for you.

Thought it would be fun to do some 3d modeling again!


Bigger Blood Orange Painting



I decided to do a bigger painting of this for “The Red Show” Exhibit. 9″x12″x1.5″ I used a Red underpainting for this one. I’ve been wanting to try this. I’m going to do it more often now.

Penguin Pencil Test

Now for something completely different! This is a pencil test for “Penguins Can’t Fly” without the ending. Some of the pauses will be longer than they are now. It will be entered in the SoDak Animation Festival. Animation created solely on the Ipad.