Last Night’s Life Drawing


We haven’t had our models pose nude much over the winter, as it is colder in the room. Spring is here! Wished I would have used the dark brown pastel instead of the black. I didn’t look closely at what I was picking up. 10″x 18″ pastel on paper


Remembering My Father


Today is my Dad’s Birthday, he would be 78. He passed away 3 years ago. This is a picture I drew of him as a child, when I was in High School. My Dad liked to draw horses from memory.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed watching him work with wood. I played in his saw dust, with the smell of cedar in the air. On the right is a picture of the grandfather clock he made. All of it’s parts are wooden, right down to the walnut screws. There isn’t any metal. The weight is a rock, because wood wasn’t heavy enough. It’s stands about 8ft tall, running with a wooden tick tock.

He inspired me to be what I am today! Happy Birthday Dad!

Penguin Pencil Test

Now for something completely different! This is a pencil test for “Penguins Can’t Fly” without the ending. Some of the pauses will be longer than they are now. It will be entered in the SoDak Animation Festival. Animation created solely on the Ipad.

Life Drawing

On Tuesday nights I meet with a group of artists to draw from a live model. Often the highlight of my weekdays. I tried conte crayons for the first time, it’s a hard pastel. I’ve done very little pastel, I am a painter, but I wish I would have thought of trying it sooner for this purpose. I like the immediacy of this medium. 24×18″ on brown paper, finished piece.