Landscape on My Palette

I was cleaning my palette to start fresh, but it had one last landscape to deliver. This was taken after I had soaked it in water and poured it out. I did let it dry to see if it could be salvaged but the film was too weak. I did get a nice photo though.
One could create a landscape in this manner without adding water. 😉
Here is the whole palette.

Palette 004 – Watercolor Travel Kit


For my summer travels and Plein Aire, I thought it would be handy to make a my own compact watercolor palette. This was a good tin for me to use because I love dark chocolate!

I flattened out the sculpey in the tin (the lid has a very thin layer), found an object to poke the holes, baked it according to instructions, sprayed a glossy clear coat on the sculpey, and squeezed my favorite colors into the holes.

Inspired by the kit made at

“Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get!” Forest Gump is one of my favorite movies, it couldn’t be helped!

Fresh Landscape Palette 003


It’s time to start fresh with a new palette. Since I have two of theses Mijello palettes now. I’m keeping this one just for landscape. I may never have to clean it again! We’ll see how that works out. I mixed the major colors I use. Then I will grab as needed and let it mix together on painting, or grab two colors at a time.

Here is a list of my preferences:

Essential palette colors- Colbalt Blue, Sap Green, Green Gold, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Magenta

Extras- Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Teal, Green Medium, Cadmium Yellow Primrose, Naples Yellow Lt, Red Oxide, Van Dyke Brown

I’m not one of those limited palette kind of people! 😀 To each his own!

Today’s Fresh Palette 02


Recently I decided to start a fresh palette. The old one was maintained for over a year. The Golden Open Acryics along with a sealed palette like Mijello, if refreshed with new paint when needed make that possible. It works because the paint slowly thickens instead of skinning over. I recently bought a gray palette, which is a great neutral backdrop. I still have my white one, I’m letting it dry completely so I can easily peal off the old paint. I will keep them both going.

Today’s Palette 001


I noticed my palette is looking very juicy and colorful for my Lilly Pad paintings! I use Golden Open Acrylics and a Mijello Palette that seals. I can keep a palette going for a year or more if it gets regular use, refilling and maintenance. I don’t put water in the palette like other acrylics, that would be bad news! It’s the advantage of Golden Opens. The paint doesn’t skin over, it gets thicker, and impasto pasty gooey! That’s what I love! I was accustomed to oils and I use it the same way.