What I Did Last Summer Part 2

I went an Artist Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge in late June. We painted in Plein Air along the Big Sioux River. 8×10” Acrylic on Canvas Board.

I did a portrait of an old Dutch Elm stump, and had some fun with it! 9×12” Acrylic on Canvas Board.

Here is the quaint little A-frame we stayed in.

Frost Fest Plein Air (Part 1)


I went to our Nature Park to do a little plein air watercolor painting. I wanted to steak out the locations for our Frost Fest Plein Air Outing this weekend. I will probably do an acrylic painting on Saturday. It will be nice this weekend too, but hopefully the snow won’t be all melted.

5″x8″ moleskin watercolor sketchbook.

Painting Makeover 01


I was looking through my shelf of rejected canvas boards, and saw one I thought I could rework over the top of the existing painting. I believe it was done in Watersoluble Oils. I used those oils just to be on safe side. I don’t really have medium to mix with it that I like to make it tackier. The strokes blend together much too easily. It was a struggle.

Above is the After, Below is the Before. 6″x 8″.



Shouldn’t be too surprising that I have a shelf of rejects! Do you have a painting that could use a makeover? I would enjoy seeing and hearing about yours!

Sunlight Through Tree WIP1


I thought I would keep working on trees now and then. It’s similar to studying the figure, except they vary more, and have a more random element added to them, but they do have limbs. This is the first step of the underpainting.


Now I’ve added the clumps of leaves. The underpainting helps me work out the shapes, and negitive space.