Today’s Fresh Palette 02


Recently I decided to start a fresh palette. The old one was maintained for over a year. The Golden Open Acryics along with a sealed palette like Mijello, if refreshed with new paint when needed make that possible. It works because the paint slowly thickens instead of skinning over. I recently bought a gray palette, which is a great neutral backdrop. I still have my white one, I’m letting it dry completely so I can easily peal off the old paint. I will keep them both going.

11 responses to “Today’s Fresh Palette 02

  1. I’ve been looking at the sealed Mejillo palette for my watercolors but just wasn’t sure it could keep the paints from mixing. I know your paints look pretty thick, but any thoughts?

    • If my paint isn’t thick the colors can run if I don’t keep it level. I haven’t used a watercolor mijello palette. I have a John Pike Watercolor Pallette, but again it has to stay level if the paint is wet. I’ve noticed Jerry’s Artarama has the largest selection of palettes if you are looking for something new and different.

  2. Your palette is colourful and inviting. I use a Masterson cover palette that has a sponge bottom that you keep moist. My paints tend to go dry because I can’t get at it every day or week or month sometimes.

    • Masterson palette is great for traditional acrylics. The Golden Open Acrylics are different, using water in a sealed palette makes them too wet. Plus they don’t need extra water to stay moist. I kept that palette going for more than year, by mixing new paint with old paint. Oils won’t even do that because it skins over.

    • It’s worth the experimentation. It depends on what you want from your paint. If slower drying than Acrylic is your aim. It behaves more like oils, and people who use oils tend to like it more than people who are adapted to acrylics. It depends on how they use acrylics. I like it better aged on the palette than straight out of the tube, it’s like adding a fast dry medium to oils. Gooey sticky thick paint! I just don’t like using turps.

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