Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP03) Final


“Valley of Enemy Creek” 30″x48″ Stretched Canvas

Although I will probably see little touches of strokes I want to add, I am finished, fin! Although I need to sign and paint the gallery edges which are 1.5″ depth.


Time to open a bottle of wine! Cheers!

9 responses to “Valley of Enemy Creek (WIP03) Final

    • A good observation, this big one is a commission, but recently I have been doing smaller works, experimenting with where I want to go with bigger paintings. I can also sell most of my smaller paintings.
      Scale isn’t an issue though, since I painted pictures on billboards when I was younger, plus I have done some murals, and I’m working on one currently.
      There are some bigger paintings in my pages on the menu. Thanks!

  1. I think this is a lovely painting but (please don’t be offended) I like the detail better than the whole – I like the way the river meanders in and out of the picture plane and the tree in the foreground gains more power.

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